Issue Log Template

Project management is, by its very nature, a complex process which often includes many people, influences, variables, tasks, and other considerations to successfully manage. In order to be successful a project manager must effectively use various tools and methodologies to communicate and manage the project. Two of the most important characteristics of a successful project are documentation and accountability. Project documentation is used to formally capture and communicate important project information so it is available to everyone who needs it. The documentation must be carefully managed and updated as any changes occur in order to prevent gaps and/or overlaps in project work. Accountability must be established so the project team and stakeholders understand who is responsible for the work to be performed. If tasks are not specifically assigned and managed, they will sit idle and may significantly impact the overall project performance.

The issue log is one example of project documentation and accountability. The issue log is used throughout a project’s lifecycle to capture any issues brought forward, communicate the issues to the project team and stakeholders, establish categories and priorities of all issues, assign responsibility to each issue, and ensure that each issue is resolved with minimal impact to the project’s performance. Like most other project documentation, the issue log should be reviewed by the project team regularly to ensure issues are being resolved. The document should be updated and communicated to all project stakeholders as updates are made. Our issue log template provides you with the foundation to build your project specific issue log.

Sample Issue Log with Explanations:

Who is the issue assigned to?What date was the issue resolved?What was the resolution or what is being done to resolve the issue?

Issue Log
IssueDescriptionPriority (H,M,L)CategoryReported ByAssigned ToStatusDate ResolvedResolution/ Comments
This should be a standard numbering system.Detailed description of the issue.High, Medium or Low priority.Assign to a category.Who reported the issue?What is the status of the issue?

Issue Log Example with Sample Data:

Issue Log
Project:Date: 04/21/20xx
IssueDescriptionPriority (H,M,L)CategoryReported ByAssigned ToStatusDate ResolvedResolution/ Comments
001Broken plotter is preventing engineers from publishing project drawings.MTechnologyA. WhiteB. BrownClosed2/25/xxSubmitted a help desk ticket (# 6051232) and the plotter was repaired and operational on 2/25/xx.
002Lease for the new facility is in jeopardy of missing 5/1/12 cutoff date for approval.MResourcesC. BlackD. GreenOpenEscalated the issue with the VP of Facilities on 4/1/12. He indicated that he should obtain approval of the lease by 4/25/12. I will follow up twice a week until issue is resolved.
003Testing group director recently retired and has a new director. We must ensure support and resource allocation for the project.MResourcesE. BlueJ. DoeClosed4/3/xxJ. Doe met with new testing group director on 4/3/12 and received formal support for the project and resources that have already been assigned by previous director.