Seven Considerations When Developing a Project Management Plan

Developing a project management plan is like playing a game of chess. You have to plan ahead and give it much thought before moving forward. This week we are highlighting seven things to consider when putting together a project management plan. These considerations and points are often brought up in discussions about project plans when developing them. After reading this article be sure to browse the rest of our site and help yourself to some of our many free project templates.

5 Key Parts of a Scope Management Plan

As project managers we often find that we suddenly have so many new friends who want to help us to succeed in our project. They show interest and have many ideas for improvements and what they consider minor changes. As benign as this seems, it is actually one of the greatest dangers to a project. Remember the triple constraint? Scope is a key constraint and if it changes it has a big impact on the project. As project managers we have to manage the project scope on a constant basis. A well thought out and written scope management plan is a good place to start.

Risk Management vs. Issue Management – Surviving the Dangerous Gray Areas

Survival as a project manager can’t be separated from effective risk management. The necessary skills in the art can take years to mature, but even if you’re new to the subject you can get started right away and make a difference. In this article, we’ll attempt to get you started with immediate payoff and get you past a point of frustration often encountered when one is just beginning.