Meeting Agenda

A well run meeting starts with a well planned meeting agenda. Have you ever been frustrated because a meeting agenda was sent out 30 minutes before the meeting was scheduled to start? Or not provided an agenda until you arrive at the meeting? It's difficult to know what to expect during a meeting and to prepare for the meeting if you don't have an agenda well in advance of the meeting. Typically a meeting agenda should be distributed one week prior to the meeting - or at least a minimum of two days prior to the meeting.

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Meeting Objectives

State in one or two sentences the overall purpose and objective of the meeting.

Action Item Review               (Name of Topic Chair)               15 minutes

The first thing to cover in a project meeting is the action items from the previous meeting. Action items and who they were assigned to were sent out in the meeting minutes from the previous meeting. This section of the meeting agenda template lists the assignees and their action items. The Chair for this topic will call on each of the assignees for them to state the status of their action items. Before the meeting be sure to let the assignees know that they will be presenting the status of their action items during the meeting, if they are unable to attend the meeting then they should have their representative attend the meeting and present for them.

(Assignee Name)

  • First Action Item from last meeting
  • Second Action Item from last meeting

(Assignee Name)

  • First Action Item from last meeting
  • Second Action Item from last meeting
  • Third Action Item from last meeting

(Assignee Name)

  • First Action Item from last meeting
  • Second Action Item from last meeting

Schedule Review               (Name of Topic Chair)               45 minutes

The MS Project schedule (Gantt chart) is reviewed during this meeting topic. The review covers the status of all work completed since the last meeting, work performed since the last meeting and work which will be performed prior to the next meeting.

  • Work Completed
  • Planned Work for next two weeks

Risk Management               (Name of Topic Chair)               10 minutes

Risks are typically identified in the project plan and the project schedule. This project meeting agenda topic discusses risks which are being actively monitored, risks which have been closed out since the last meeting and risks which need to be actively monitored and managed in the coming few weeks. Responses to any risks which were realized since the last meeting are also discussed along with the response taken.

  • Risk 1
  • Risk 2
  • Risk 3

New Action Items               (Name of Topic Chair)               5 minutes

Before the meeting adjourns all new action items assigned during this meeting are reviewed. The action item review is to ensure that all action items are clearly defined, assigned to someone, and agreed upon by the meeting attendees. Be sure to include due dates for action items as some are expected to be completed prior to the next meeting; whereas, others may have a shorter or longer due date. Also, be sure to wrap up the meeting by stating when the next meeting will be held.